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Three 3GB Data Sim is the talk of the town not only for those residing in the UK but also for people who live in 42 other countries. Yes, you may be thinking this is too good to be true, read below to find out why.Three 3GB Data Sim

Firstly let's find out why should you get the Three 3GB Data Sim and some of its advantages. With Three 3GB Data Sim, you get 3 GB of data pre-loaded for 3 months which can be used in 42 countries along with Tethering (sharing of data) capability. The Three 3GB Data Sim is already configured ready to go, into any mobile broadband device such as a Three Mi-Fi, unlocked tablets, iPad, or a laptop via a USB dongle. Please note that the Sim will not work on mobile phones.

You must understand one thing which is, Three 3GB Data Sim is pre-loaded for usage up to 3 months or until you have used up the 3GB of data allowance. You will be given a chance to top up depending on which situation occurs first. If you wish to top up for another 30 days here are the available options:

  •  500MB for £2.99 for 48 hours
  •  1GB for £10
  •  3GB for £15
  •  7GB for £25

In order to activate the SIM on a MiFi device follow the steps below -

  • Insert the data SIM card into a MiFi device
  • Power on, wait for the signal
  • Use a phone/tablet to connect to the MiFi SSID
  • Put in your MiFi password
  • Start surfing - this will be your start date 
  • Get a status on My3 under status

The best part about this SIM card which we did mention above is that you can use the data in all 42 "Feel at home" countries, FREE of roaming charges. This has been automatically configured - you do not need to do anything. Some of the top countries that have this option are Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Israel, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA.


  • You can not make normal calls only data allowance
  • Check out our delivery information
  • 2G does not support only 3G/4G enabled Devices
  • Once the seal is broken we can not provide a refund.
  • SMS outgoing and incoming works.
  • No need to buy any top-up voucher code already 12GB loaded inside.

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