The Apple iPad is available in two basic formats, a Wi-fi version and a 3G + Wi-fi enabled version. If you have decided to go for the 3G version of the Apple iPad. You will really need to invest in a special 3G micro SIM card. These Preloaded Data Sim For iPad will allow the user to connect to the internet, if there is no Wi-fi signal available in the area.

The latest company in the UK to release their iPad 3G data plans is Three Mobile. In the authors opinion, Three Mobile have the best range of iPad 3G deals in terms on value for money. They come in two basic formats - a pay as you go SIM card and a pay monthly rolling contract.

With the pay as you go SIM cards, you can get 1GB worth of data for £10. This data must be used in 30 days, otherwise you will lose it. This is the basic offering, if you wanted more bang for your buck, you might be better off with the second option. This offers you 3GB of data for £20 one off payment. The advantage of this package, is that you get whole three months to get through your data allowance.

Preloaded Data Sim For iPad

The next option to go for would be the pay monthly rolling contracts. For just £7.50 per month, you can get 1GB of data per month and for £15 per month, you can get a massive 10GB worth of data. This will allow you to surf the internet, watch films online, download music and upload any other media files to social networking websites like Facebook.

Overall, I feel that the pay monthly rolling contracts are the best option to go for. Do not be put off by the term "contract". Because these are all rolling contracts. This means, that if for any reason, you are not happy with the connection, customer service or the allowance you have opted for. You can easily just cancel after one month. So, in effect, you will be paying much less than a pay as you go customer. Since their release, Three Mobile iPad 3G SIM cards have proved to be one of the best sellers out of the 4 major networks.

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